The O'Keefe Group, Inc.
  • RJ-250 SC Self Contained Compactor/Containers

    The RJ-250 Compactors combine the ability to safely store high-liquid content wastes in controlled environments with the conveniences and economics of compaction! Offering maximum benefits for:

    • Malls
    • Supermarkets
    • Large Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals and Institutions
    • Resorts and Food Processors
    RJ-250SC with optional doghouse hopper.

  • Trainable Steel Containers and Cart Dumpers

    Marathon's Cart/Container Dumpers can extend the benefits of compaction to all areas of your operation while keeping equipment investments to a minimum.

    Marathon's standard Cart/Container Dumpers are designed to handle 2 and 4 cubic yard "trainable" steel containers or 1 cubic yard plastic tilt carts. Using a towing vehicle to "train" the carts from various locations throughout a facility to the dumper locations reduces labor to a fraction of that required to perform the same job manually.

  • Ozone Odor Control System

    Offensive trash odor in a refuse storage or pickup area is a reflection on your business or facility! In addition to the untidy image projected to the community, the odor creates an unpleasant work environment and can cause complaints from neighboring businesses and residents. Such complaints may result in violations and fines from the local health department. Furthermore, the odor can attract rats, mice, bees, flies, wasps, stray cats and dogs.

    You can take steps to control your trash odor problem. You may be able to minimize odors through more frequent pickups in warm weather; or, if you are presently using open containers, closed containers should be considered. Also, you should make sure the storage area is adequately ventilated. If you have changed operational procedures and the odor persists, it's time to consider Marathon's Ozone Odor Control System.

    This ozone generating unit electronically eliminates all odors from the compactor and disposal areas for a more pleasant environment. The Ozone Odor Control System significantly reduces customer/consumer objections, retards bacteria growth, eliminates compacted-garbage odor, prevents fermentation, and destroys pest attracting odors. This optional unit can be directly installed on Marathon Vert-I-Pack compactors. Other Marathon waste compactors require a remote unit with a separate 100 volt power source.

  • Self-Contained Compactor/Containers

    Portable and economical self-contained compactor / container, with remote power pack, designed for compacting and containing wet or dry waste and simplifying waste dumping. Pak'nTainer helps maintain a sanitary environment, while saving money, for those generating as little as 20 cubic yards of refuse a week.

    Place Pak'nTainer wherever needed, whenever needed... temporarily or permanently... no anchoring, no concrete pad, no special surfaces required. Can be used alone or to "fill the gap" in combination with other units. Container is tapered to achieve superior compaction ratios and aid waste ejection which eliminates excessive wear and tear on collection trucks. Liquid-tight construction helps insure sanitary environment. Drain allows water to be removed lowering disposal costs.

  • Closed-end Horizontal Balers

    Marathon's Closed-End Balers Offer Extensive Capabilities With a Wide Range of Standard and Application Engineered Balers

    Maximum Value For Your Investment
    Standard features include spring loaded retainer dogs, reversible and replaceable ram shear blade, serrated body shear blade, programmable controller, bale made light, lower photo cell, chute or hand feed hopper, power on light, heavy duty power pack, 460 volt, power disconnect switch, center position valve, 10 micron return line filter, 100 mesh suction line strainer, finish paint blue, key operated start on/off switch, audio/visual start-up alarm. Marathon gives you more for your baler dollar!

    Less Labor Intensive
    For example, Marathon's closed end balers process a wide variety of material. One model will even process up to 20 tons of OCC in a typical day's shift.

    Rotary Bale Length Gauge... activates bale made light automatically with no flag pole to engage or disengage.

    Photo Electric Eye... facilitates automatic operation and unattended baling.

    Complete Turn Key Installations... are provided through Marathon’s Recycling Systems Group distribution network. Factory trained representatives will install and continue to support each installation with preventive maintenance and in-stock off the shelf parts.

  • RJ-130 & RJ-160 1.3 Cubic Yard (yd³) Capacity On-Site Compactors

    The RJ-130 or RJ-160 are built (or performance and reliability by Marathon, your on-site compaction systems specialist. They are also economically priced. The large 46"W x 32 1/2"L clear top opening combined with the 33" deep charge box makes disposal of your solid waste easy and last. The Totally UL Listed RJ-130 and RJ-160 are well suited for small industrial plants, hospitals, motels, food stores, etc. Both compactors are powered by a remote power unit.

  • Foam Balers

    Marathon's new Foam Baler is a horizontal baler specially designed to handle the unique characteristics of polyfoam products. Foam fabricators experience labor savings by generating bales twice the density of a typical vertical baler. In addition, the Foam Baler can be conveyor or cart fed for further automation and cost savings.

    • The powerful compaction process means less air and bales of foam that weigh more than 1300 pounds!
    • The simple "spring back control chamber" provides space for the foam to expand to prevent obstruction of the feed chamber while loading.
    • Bales are tied in the short direction which also aids in bale density and integrity.

  • RJ-225 On-Site Compactors

    The RamJet 225 is your best compactor value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial situations, it effectively reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. It is attractively priced and features 56 second cycle time and powerful 55,100 lbs. maximum compaction force!

    Marathon's Side-Mounted Power Unit offers the convenience and ease-of-maintenance of a remote power pack with the space savings of an integrated power pack.

  • RJ-325 & RJ-325HD Commercial Compactors

    Marathon's RamJet RJ-325 is a real work horse! Its proven capability assures top performance in heavy commercial and industrial applications. The RJ-325 is unique to other compactors in its class, providing a large 60"W x 67 1/2"L clear top opening and a 33" deep charge box - a feature greatly appreciated at peak loading times or when compacting bulky items!

    Marathon's side-mounted power unit combines the convenience and ease-of-maintenance that comes with a remote power pack with the space savings and ease-of-installation of an integrated power pack.

  • RJ-400 VL 3 Cubic Yard (yd³) Capacity Stationary Compactors

    Marathon’s RJ-400VL Value Line Stationary Compactor: highly efficient, economical compaction equipment for today’s cost conscious waste generators. The RJ-400VL provides the cost-saving benefits of solid waste compaction including labor reduction, fewer collection pickups, and space savings.

  • Eco-Safe Digester™ for Organic Waste

    Marathon’s Eco-Safe Digester™

    The new Eco-Safe Digester™ from Marathon is an innovation breakthrough in confronting the growing problem of organic waste processing and disposal. The Eco-Safe Digester™ is an environmentally friendly method for converting food waste into liquid and was designed in response to some staggering statistics:

    • According to a 2008 United Nations study, it's estimated that about 30 percent of the food produced annually in the United States - about 50 billion - is thrown into the garbage.
    • Food retailers lose more than of 5.5 billion pounds of food per year - about 2 percent of the edible food supply - with dairy, fruit, and vegetable spoilage accounting for half of those losses, according to a USDA report.
    • The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that the United States spends an estimated $1 billion annually on disposing of food waste.
    • Less than 800,000 tons of the 31.79 million tons of food waste generated annually in the United States is diverted from landfills.
    Designed to safely convert up to 1,200 pounds of food waste per day into a liquid that can be returned to the ecosystem.

  • RJ-450 4 Cubic Yard (yd³) Capacity On-Site Compactors

    The RamJet RJ-450 is excellent for distribution centers, warehouses, and general industrial use. The extra large 60" x 67 1/2" clear top opening accepts those large, bulky items with ease. Ruggedly built to meet the challenge, this unit packs a powerful 56,500 pounds of crushing force. And, the RJ-450 is built for performance and reliability as only Marathon, the solid waste industry's specialist in on-site compaction systems, can provide.

    Compactors can be fitted with custom hoppers, tread plates, hand & toe rails, security chutes, cart dumpers and other optional equipment.

  • 2, 2.5, & 3 Cubic Yard (yd³) Capacity Trash Commander Compactors

    Heavy Duty Construction, CYCON Life-Xtender and compact size make the Trash Commander Series second to none in performance and durability

  • Usage Management Systems

    The TrashMinder 250MS Usage Management System records how often a compactor is used by individuals, departments or tenants. By using remote editing functions from your personal computer you can create new accounts, delete accounts and lock-out unauthorized users. The TrashMinder software even offers a variety of management reports.

    The TrashMinder Usage Management System provides control and greater profitability for property managers and/or haulers. This system has ideal capabilities for shopping center, industrial complex, hotel and healthcare facility applications.

  • On-Site Usage (Monitoring) Systems

    The TrashMinder 200S On-Site Usage Unit records how often a compactor is used by individuals, departments or tenants. The On-Site System controls access to use of compactors and locks out unauthorized users. Editing functions and data retrieval for billings are easily performed on site.

    The TrashMinder On-Site Usage Unit provides control and greater profitability for property managers and/or haulers, making it ideal for use in industrial complexes, shopping centers, hotels, residential complexes and health-care facilities.

  • Combination Fullness/Usage Management Systems

    The powerful TrashMinder 300 Combination Management System joins the Usage System with the Fullness System. This amazing combination enables management to

    • Track container fullness, reducing the number of container pick-ups, and
    • Control and track compactor usage from a remote PC. These add up to significant cost savings!

  • Fullness Management Systems

    The TrashMinder 150MS Fullness Management System provides the ultimate in control and reduction of compactor container pick-up frequency. The resulting substantial savings will amaze you!

    TrashMinder accurately and automatically determines when a compaction container is ready for pick-up and automatically sends a pick-up request to a personal computer. Management reports are generated automatically or manually, as needed.

  • Mini-MAC® Apartment Compactors

    The Mini-MAC® - Marathon Apartment Compactor is now smaller than ever! We took our standard RJ-1835 and used cross-cylinder technology to shorten the unit. This allows it to fit in even more applications where space is limited such as small trash rooms of apartment and high-rise buildings.

    The Mini-MAC® features a new device that allows the user to easily connect and ratchet the container from one side!

    Our 2 cy. compaction container is mounted on poly clad casters to allow it to be moved to the pick-up area. They can be configured for front or rear load collection vehicles.

    Mini-MAC® Apartment Compactor shown with chute feed hopper, access door and optional compaction container for front load collection vehicles.

  • Fax-Alert Fullness (Monitoring) Units

    The TrashMinder 110F Fullness Fax Alert Unit provides a simple, accurate, effortless way to control and reduce the pick-up frequency of waste compactor containers. The resulting savings will amaze you!

    The System reliably determines when a compaction container is ready for pickup and automatically sends a timely request to a Fax; no computers or personnel are required.

  • Pager-Alert Fullness (Monitoring) Units

    • The TrashMinder Pager-Alert Fullness Unit provides a simple, accurate, effortless way to control and reduce the frequency of compaction container pick-ups. The resulting savings will amaze you!
    • The Pager-Alert Fullness Unit reliably determines when a compaction container is ready for pick-up and automatically sends a Pick-Up Request to a designated Pager. TrashMinder actually serves as a round-the-clock dispatcher, without requiring extra staff! Additionally, an optional second message can be sent to another Pager or a Fax Machine or a PC.

  • 16 to 43 Cubic Yard (yd³) Roll-off Octagon Compaction Containers

    Marathon's reliable Octagon Compaction Containers offer you more in features and benefits. The contoured end creates a rolling effect as solid waste is compressed into the container, filling all voids. The results: high density compaction!

    Six sizes are available to meet your compaction requirements: 43, 40, 37, 30, 27 and 16 cubic yard capacities. Each have clean, smooth sides that make them attractive, easy to clean and easier to handle.

    EXTRA design and manufacturing attention has been given to key areas most subject to abuse such as: hinges, made of 1/2" thick plate; hinge pins, 1 1/2" diameter; structural channel, reinforces compactor opening; and rail ends, inserted with 1 1/4" thick plate.

    Compatible with Marathon’s extensive line of compactors and most competitive models.

  • Vertical Recycler Balers
  • V-6030HD & V-4830HD High Density Recyclers
  • Vert-I-Pack®  FL/3 Portable Packers

    Marathon's patented Vert-I-Pack® (VIP) - your silent housekeeper, tidies up your refuse disposal area. No more unsightly open containers to draw scavengers and vermin, not to mention your local health inspector! Your refuse stays inside the unit, not strewn all over.

    Since the VIP is key operated, you control the usage. You won't pay for your neighbor's collection fees - only your own.

    Patent Nos. 4235165 & 4424740

  • Vert-I-Pack® Self-Contained Compactor/Containers