The O'Keefe Group, Inc.
Marathon's patented Vert-I-Pack® (VIP) - your silent housekeeper, tidies up your refuse disposal area. No more unsightly open containers to draw scavengers and vermin, not to mention your local health inspector! Your refuse stays inside the unit, not strewn all over.

Since the VIP is key operated, you control the usage. You won't pay for your neighbor's collection fees - only your own.

Patent Nos. 4235165 & 4424740
Unit of Measure

Vert-I-Pack® Specifications

Charge Box Capacity - Mfrs. Rating

N/A 0.72 yd³0.55 m³

Charge Box Capacity - WASTEC Rating

N/A 0.54 yd³0.41 m³

Clear Top Opening

N/A 23.5 x 46 in597 x 1170 mm

Cycle Time

N/A 29 sec30 sec

Total Normal Force

N/A 26400 lbf117 kN

Total Maximum Force

N/A 30200 lbf134 kN

Electric Motor Power

N/A 3 hp2.2 kW


N/A 208/230/460 V at 3 phase for 60 Hz 230 V at 1 phase for 60 Hz

Vert-I-Pack® FL/3 Dimensions

Feed Height

N/A 46 3/4 in1188 mm

Overall Height

N/A 86 1/2 in2197 mm

Overall Width

N/A 96 in2438 mm

Overall Depth

N/A 63 1/2 in1613 mm

Container Weight

N/A 675 lbs306 kg

Complete Assembly Weight

N/A 3375 lbs1531 kg



N/A ANSI Regulation Z245.2 OSHA UL Listed WASTEC

Industry Standards/Certifications

Industry Standards/Certifications

Available Options

N/A Available with 3/4 hp, single phase, 120 volt power pack. Plug it into any standard 20 amp, 120 volt wall outlet!

Vert-I-Pack® with Triple Interlock System


  • Door interlock prevents door from being opened at all times except when the unit is in proper feeding position.
  • A second interlock prevents unit from cycling (operating) when the door is open.
  • The third interlock prevents the unit from functioning when the container is not in proper position.

Designed for


  • Restaurants
  • Motels & Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets
  • Malls
  • In-plant Assembly Areas

Compact Size

N/A The compact size of the VIP allows it to fit anywhere, even inside buildings.

Containers with Casters

N/A The VIP FL/3 containers can be easily rolled to area accessible to waste collection truck.

General Description

N/A With the optional Ozone Odor Control System, the VIP stores waste in an ozone rich atmosphere that virtually eliminates odors, rodents, insects and their larvae - even under the most demanding conditions!

The VIP has no heavy or clumsy lids to open and close - just a door that’s as easy to open as your kitchen door.

The VIP saves you space by using more than 13 tons of crushing force to reduce the contents of many open containers into one VIP container! Imagine the time saved by your hauler each time he picks up a VIP instead of all those open top containers.

The VIP helps control employee pilferage. The optional security kit enables the unit to be fed from inside the building, eliminating the employees' temptation to put merchandise into a box, stash the box in the trash container and return at night to retrieve YOUR merchandise.

The VIP saves time and worry for both you and your hauler by eliminating weekend overflow - your hauler doesn't have to schedule those expensive weekend pickups!

Check Out Marathon's Untouchable VIP

N/A With it's side-mounted power unit, the Untouchable VIP offers even greater space saving features. It can be installed against a back wall like in a narrow alley.


N/A Pictures in this literature are illustrative only. Specifications are subject to change without notice in order to accommodate improvements to the equipment. Certified in compliance with ANSI Regulation Z245.2, all OSHA standards, and certified under WASTEC's Stationary Compactor Certification Program. Products must be used with safe practice and in accordance with said regulations and standards.