The O'Keefe Group, Inc.
Marathon's RamJet RJ-325 is a real work horse! Its proven capability assures top performance in heavy commercial and industrial applications. The RJ-325 is unique to other compactors in its class, providing a large 60"W x 67 1/2"L clear top opening and a 33" deep charge box - a feature greatly appreciated at peak loading times or when compacting bulky items!

Marathon's side-mounted power unit combines the convenience and ease-of-maintenance that comes with a remote power pack with the space savings and ease-of-installation of an integrated power pack.
Unit of Measure


Charge Box Capacity - Mfrs. Rating

N/A 3.15 yd³2.41 m³

Charge Box Capacity - WASTEC Rating

N/A 2.53 yd³1.93 m³

Clear Top Opening

N/A 67 1/2 x 59 1/2 in1715 x 15211 mm

Capacity per Hour

N/A 183 yd³140 m³

Industry Standards/Certifications

Industry Standards/Certifications

Performance Characteristics

Cycle Time

N/A 50 sec

Total Normal Force

N/A 46700 lbf208 kN

Total Maximum Force

N/A 55100 lbf245 kN

Normal Ram Face Pressure

N/A 27.1 psi187 kPa

Maximum Ram Face Pressure

N/A 31.9 psi220 kPa

Ram Penetration

N/A 13 in330 mm

Electrical Equipment

TEFC Electrical Motor Power (3/60 to 208/230/460)

N/A 15 hp11 kW

AC Electrical Control Voltage

N/A 120 V


N/A ANSI Regulation Z245.2 NEMA OSHA UL Listed

Electrical Equipment Specifications

  • UL Labeled Panel Box: NEMA Type
  • All Circuits Fused Standard Controls: Keylock Start & Stop
  • Connected to 13' Sealtite

Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Pump Capacity

N/A 18.5 gpm70 L/min

Normal Pressure

N/A 1650 psi114 bar

Maximum Pressure

N/A 1950 psi135 bar

Hydraulic Cylinder Bore Diameter

N/A 6 in152 mm

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Diameter

N/A 4 in102 mm

Reservoir Capacity

N/A 30 gal114 L

Structural Characteristics

Packer Body: Side Plate Dimension

N/A 3/16 in4.76 mm

Charge Box Liner Dimension

N/A 1/4 in6.35 mm

Charge Box Floor Dimension

N/A 1/2 in12.7 mm

Ram Face Plate Dimension

N/A 1/2 in12.7 mm

Ram Bottom Dimension

N/A 3/4 in19.05 mm

Ram Side Dimension

N/A 1/4 in6.35 mm

Ram Top Dimension

N/A 3/8 in9.53 mm


N/A 7375 lbs3345 kg


N/A Marathon's RJ-325HD is engineered with extra steel to meet the demands of heavy-duty industrial use. Cylinder supports, 1" thick breaker bar, 3/8" ram top and extra side supports are added for superior endurance. Also standard on the RJ-325HD are 1/4" thick steel charge box liners and 1/2" thick abrasion resistant steel plate on the charge box floor.

Ram Guide System

N/A The packing ram is supported by specially formulated cast iron shoes which ride on replaceable wear strips. This exclusive design protects the charge box floor from the full force of the packing ram, extending its life and dramatically reducing compaction-robbing friction.

Industrial Grade System

N/A The RJ-325 & 325HD have industrial grade electrical and hydraulic components - all totally UL Listed! The controls are contained in an NEMA 4 enclosure and connected to the power unit with 13 ft. of Sealtite. The pump is rigidly secured to a "C" flange motor with a machined bracket for assured coupling alignment.


N/A Pictures in this literature are illustrative only. Specifications are subject to change without notice in order to accommodate improvements to the equipment. Certified in compliance with ANSI Regulation Z245.2, all OSHA standards, and certified under WASTEC's Stationary Compactor Certification Program. Products must be used with safe practice and in accordance with said regulations and standards.