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Closed-end Horizontal Balers

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Marathon's Closed-End Balers Offer Extensive Capabilities With a Wide Range of Standard and Application Engineered Balers

Maximum Value For Your Investment
Standard features include spring loaded retainer dogs, reversible and replaceable ram shear blade, serrated body shear blade, programmable controller, bale made light, lower photo cell, chute or hand feed hopper, power on light, heavy duty power pack, 460 volt, power disconnect switch, center position valve, 10 micron return line filter, 100 mesh suction line strainer, finish paint blue, key operated start on/off switch, audio/visual start-up alarm. Marathon gives you more for your baler dollar!

Less Labor Intensive
For example, Marathon's closed end balers process a wide variety of material. One model will even process up to 20 tons of OCC in a typical day's shift.

Rotary Bale Length Gauge... activates bale made light automatically with no flag pole to engage or disengage.

Photo Electric Eye... facilitates automatic operation and unattended baling.

Complete Turn Key Installations... are provided through Marathon’s Recycling Systems Group distribution network. Factory trained representatives will install and continue to support each installation with preventive maintenance and in-stock off the shelf parts.

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Item #

Cycle Time

Platen Force

Platen Pressure

Standard Motor Power

Standard Pump Flow

CE-504842-830 20 sec 125700 lbf 63.9 psi 30 hp 75 gpm
CE-504242-830 20 sec 125700 lbf 73.0 psi 30 hp 75 gpm
CE-503042-830 20 sec 125700 lbf 102.2 psi 30 hp 75 gpm
CE-503042-720 22 sec 96200 lbf 78.2 psi 20 hp 49 gpm
CE-503042-620-E 41 sec 70700 lbf 57.5 psi 20 hp 18.5 gpm
CE-303042-830 14 sec 125700 lbf 102.2 psi 30 hp 75 gpm
CE-303042-720 16 sec 96200 lbf 78.2 psi 20 hp 49 gpm
CE-303042-620-E 30 sec 70700 lbf 57.5 psi 20 hp 18.5 gpm
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1