The O'Keefe Group, Inc.
Unit of Measure


Manufacturer's Base Size

N/A 7 yd³

WASTEC Type Base Size

N/A 5.1 yd³

Clear Top Opening Length

N/A 89.5 in

Clear Top Opening Width

N/A 76 in

Ram Penetration

N/A 16 in

Ram Face Width

N/A 80 in

Ram Face Height

N/A 30 in

Ram Stroke

N/A 116 in

Bore Size (Nearest 0.01 Inch)

N/A 7 in

Rod Size (Nearest 0.01 Inch)

N/A 5 in

Discharge Opening Width

N/A 82.5 in

Discharge Opening Height

N/A 41.13 in

Normal System Pressure

N/A 1800 psi

Maximum System Pressure

N/A 2100 psi

Normal Ram Force Rating

N/A 57.7 psi

Normal Force Rating

N/A 138500 lbs

Maximum Ram Force Rating

N/A 67.3 psi

Maximum Force Rating

N/A 161600 lbs

Motor Power

N/A 30 hp

Motor Phase

N/A 3

Pump Flow

N/A 18 gpm25.5 gpm

Normal Cycle Time for Compactor

N/A 79 sec

Normal Cycle Time for Precrusher

N/A 97 sec

Volume Displacement for Compactor

N/A 234 yd³/d

Volume Displacement for Precrusher

N/A 191 yd³/d

Scale Weight

N/A 27700 lbs

Power Unit Width

N/A 44 in

Power Unit Length

N/A 68 in

Power Unit Height

N/A 48 in

Cylinder Type

N/A Dual Cylinders

Pump System

N/A Hi/Low Pump System


N/A UL Listed

Standard Features


  • AISI Grade Steel Plate
  • Structural Steel Supports
  • Nylatron Ram Guide System
  • Removable Access Panels
  • Ratchet Binders with Hooks
  • Remote Power Unit
  • UL Listed Electrical Components
  • Motor Tri-Volt, 3 PH - Motors 20 HP or Larger are 230/460 3 PH or 208 3 PH (208 Volt is Not Available for Motors 30 HP and Larger)
  • Automatic Multi-cycle System
  • Auto/Manual Sustained Pressure Selector Switch (Not Available for Precrusher/Compactors)
  • Full Load Indicator
  • Key Lock Start
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Automatic Safety Retract
  • Full/Jam Automatic Shut-off
  • Ram Position Switch
  • Oil - All Weather Hi-grade
  • Oil Sight Gauge with Thermometer

Additional Features


  • Start Push Button
  • Stop Push Button
  • Compact/Precrush Selector Switch
  • Precrush Gate Manual Up/Down Controls
  • Adjustable Counter Inside the Main Control Panel To Set 1 - 8 Precrush Cycles

Optional Features


  • Deck 750#, 1,000#, 5,000# or 10,000# Capacity
  • Safety Handrails
  • Enclosed Hopper with Door
  • Safety Gate with Interlock
  • Side or Rear Load Hopper
  • Side or Rear Load Security Chute
  • Full Enclosure
  • Transfer Station Stands
  • Transfer Station Hoppers
  • Special Container/Trailer Coupling Systems
  • Hydraulic Cart Dumper System
  • Safety Interlock System
  • Keyed Jog Control for a Commercial Compactor
  • Remote Control Station for a Commercial Compactor
  • Photo Electric Start System
  • Pinning Tunnel(s) Mounted On the Ram Face
  • Deodorizer Spray System
  • UL Certified Panel
  • Advance Full Load Indicator
  • TEFC Motor
  • Thermo Oil Heater
  • Low/Hot Oil Indicator with Shutdown
  • Power Unit Weather Shield or Cover
  • Container or Trailer Guide System
  • Through-wall Ratchet Binder Kit