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When large volumes of waste must be disposed in a small amount of space, the CP-711, 3/4 cubic yard compactor, is the ideal solution. With a 4 or 6 cubic yard capacity front load container, this system will easily fit into an 8' x 12' area.

Containers are available in either front or rear load styles and 4, 6 or 8 cubic yard capacities. Both front and rear load containers have a spill pan positioned to catch any refuse falling out of the container or charge chamber when the container is disconnected to be emptied. All front load containers are equipped with an automatic container to compactor locking mechanism and an automatic lid latch.
Unit of Measure


Manufacturer's Rating

N/A 0.75 yd³

WASTEC Type Rating

N/A 0.56 yd³

Clear Top Opening Length

N/A 30 in

Clear Top Opening Width

N/A 46.5 in

Chamber Length

N/A 30.5 in

Ram Stroke

N/A 36 in

Ram Penetration

N/A 5.5 in

Normal Ram Force Rating

N/A 20 psi

Normal Stated Force Rating

N/A 17300 lbs

Maximum Ram Force Rating

N/A 22.2 psi

Maximum Stated Force Rating

N/A 19200 lbs

Normal Hydraulic System Pressure

N/A 1800 psi

Maximum Hydraulic System Pressure

N/A 2000 psi

Ram Face Width

N/A 48 in

Ram Face Height

N/A 18 in

Volume Displacement

N/A 75 yd³/h

Motor Power

N/A 5 hp

Cycle Time

N/A 27 sec

Discharge Opening Width

N/A 48 in

Discharge Opening Height

N/A 23 in

Discharge Opening from Ground

N/A 18.75 in
Base Unit Weight1 N/A 2335 lbs

Reservoir Capacity

N/A 15 gal

Pump Flow

N/A 6 gpm

Pump Type

N/A Constant Displacement Vane

Cylinder Bore Size

N/A 3.5 in

Cylinder Rod Size

N/A 2 in

Cylinder Stroke

N/A 36 in

Front Load Container Capacity

N/A 4 yd³6 yd³8 yd³

Fits Size (Front Load Container)

N/A 8 x 12 ft

Rear Load Container Capacity

N/A 4 yd³6 yd³8 yd³

Motor Voltage

N/A Tri-Volt

Motor Phase

N/A 3


N/A ANSI Regulation Z245 UL Listed

General Description

N/A The Combo Pac is ideal for reducing the waste generated by convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and business offices to a manageable size within a limited space.

Standard Features


  • Frame:
    • Floor - 3/8"
    • Side - 3/16"
    • Breaker Bar - L8" x 6" x 1"
  • Ram:
    • Face - 3/8"
    • Floor - 3/8"
    • Top - 3/16"
    • Sides - 3/16"
  • Removable Access Panels
  • Weatherhood/Safety Panels
  • Choice of Front or Rear Load Container
    • Automatic Container Locking System and Lid Latching Mechanism with a Front Load Container
    • Ratchet Binder/Hooks with a Rear Load Container
  • Power Unit Mounted on Rear of Compactor
  • Oil - Suitable for Wide Temperature Range
  • Oil Sight Gauge with Thermometer
  • UL Listed Electrical Components
  • Controls In Main Panel:
    • Automatic Multi-cycle
    • Automatic Safety Retract
    • Full/Jam Automatic Shut-off with Indicator
    • Key Lock On/Off Switch
    • Pull-To-Start/Emergency Push-To-Stop Button

Optional Features


  • Decks 750# Capacity
  • Safety Handrails
  • Safety Gate with Interlock
  • Side or Rear Load Hopper
  • Enclosed Hopper with Door
  • Security Chute (Side or Rear)
  • Safety Interlock System
  • Deodorizer Spray System
  • UL Certified Panel
  • Photo Electric Start System
  • Jog Controls
  • Advance Full Load Indicator
  • TEFC Motor
  • Low Oil Indicator with Shut-off
  • Thermo Oil Heater
  • Power Unit Weather Cover
  • Ratchet Binders and Hooks (Optional with a Front Load Container)

Industrial Features


  • Compaction force of a stationary compactor that fits in areas with limited available space. CP-711-FL4 or FL6 requires only an 8' x 12' operation area.
  • Container Sizes in 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard capacity front load or rear load styles.
  • Spill lip on the container catches waste that can fall from the compaction chamber when the container is removed. The result is a cleaner waste handling area.
  • Front load containers are equipped with an easy latching system for attaching or removing the container to the compactor and an automatic lid locking/unlocking system when emptying the container.
  • Rear load containers are attached to the compactor with ratchet binders and the lid is fastened with manual drop hooks.
  • Meets or Exceeds Current ANSI Z245 Safety Standards.

Rental Plan


  • Compactor Rental Plan
  • Choice of Maintenance Plans
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • Biodegradable Oil Options
  • 99% Run-Time Reliability
  • Paper and Plastics Recycling
  • Access to TOG Advisory Services
  • Access to On-Going Service Management
  • Optional Door-Seal Protection Plan


N/A This equipment should be operated by properly trained personnel. Improper use, misuse, or lack of maintenance could cause injury to people and/or property. Photos used in this brochure are illustrative only. Due to its commitment to quality, SP Industries' specifications are subject to change without notice to accommodate improvements to its equipment. Information contained within this literature is intended to be the most accurate available at the time of printing.

  • 1 Weight includes compactor only. See container dimension chart for container weight.