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Item # APT-331, APT-331 1/3 Cubic Yard (yd³) Apartment Style Stationary Compactors

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This 1/3 cubic yard capacity compactor is designed to give maximum compaction of waste in a small space. It is ideal for high rise apartments or office buildings where space is at a premium. Engineered and built for rugged use, the APT-331 has many standard features including an apartment chute transition hopper, deck mounted power unit, photo electric start with current ANSI Z245.2 Safety Standards warning system, key lock start, emergency stop button, container full light, multi-cycling ram and automatic safety retract.

The many standard features and available optional features make the APT-331 dependable, safe and easy to use.

Specifications  · Standard Features  · Optional Features  · General Description  · Caution


Manufacturer's Rating

0.33 yd³

WASTEC Type Rating

0.29 yd³

Clear Top Opening Length

24 in

Clear Top Opening Width

28.5 in

Chamber Length

24.5 in

Ram Stroke

30 in

Ram Penetration

5.5 in

Normal Force Rating

41.2/18800 ram psi

Maximum Force Rating

49.6/22600 force in lbs

Normal Hydraulic System Pressure

1500 psi

Maximum Hydraulic System Pressure

1800 psi

Ram Face Width

30 in

Ram Face Height

19 in

Volume Displacement

33 yd³/h

Motor Power

5 hp

Cycle Time

26 sec

Discharge Opening Width

30.5 in

Discharge Opening Height

23.7 in

Discharge Opening from Ground

12.5 in

Base Unit Weight

1855 lbs

Ratchet Binder/Hooks Capacity

48000 lbs

Reservoir Capacity

15 gal

Pump Flow

6 gpm

Pump Type

Constant Displacement Vane

Number of Cylinders


Cylinder Bore Size

4 in

Cylinder Rod Size

2-1/2 in

Cylinder Stroke

30 in






ANSI Regulation Z245.2

UL Listed

Standard Features
  • Frame:
    • Floor - 1/4"
    • Floor Supports - (3) C3 x 4.1# & (1) C4 x 5.4#
    • Side Plates - 1/4"
    • Breaker Bar - L 4" x 3" x 1/2"
  • Ram:
    • Face Plate - 3/8"
    • Floor Plate - 3/8"
    • Side Plates - 3/16"
    • Top Plate - 1/4"
    • Top Supports - (6) C3 x 4.1#
  • Hopper:
    • Side & Front - 1/8"
    • Bottom - 3/8"
  • Apartment Transition Hopper
  • Removable Access Pane
  • Weatherhood/Safety Panels
  • Deck Mounted Power Unit
  • Oil - Suitable for Wide Temperature Range
  • Oil Sight Gauge with Thermometer
  • UL Listed Electrical Components
  • Controls Mounted in Main Panel
    • Automatic Multi-cycle
    • Automatic Safety Retract
    • Photo Electric Start System
    • Full/Jam Automatic Shut-off with Warning Light
    • Key Lock On/Off Switch
    • Pull-to-Start/Emergency Push-To-Stop Button

Optional Features
  • Clean-Out Door in Transition Hopper
  • Side or Rear Load Hopper
  • Enclosed Hopper with Door
  • Security Chute (Side or Rear)
  • Safety Interlock System
  • Deodorizer Spray System
  • UL Certified Panel
  • TEFC Motor
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Remote Power Unit
  • Automatic Cycle System
    • Ram Position Switch
    • Manual Sustained Pressure Switch
    • Advance Full Load Indicator
  • Programmed Cycle System
  • Single Phase Motor System
  • Low Oil Indicator with Shut-off
  • Thermo Oil Heater
  • Power Unit Weather Cover
  • Container Guide System
  • Through Wall Ratchet Kit

General Description
  • Apartment Style Compactor- Designed for chute or drop in waste collection. Great for High rise and office building applications.
  • Limited Space Applications - Compactor and container system can be easily operated in a 16' x 8' room.
  • Automatic Photo-eye Start System - Compactor cycles automatically when the chamber is full. No need for service personnel to be present.
  • Large waste chute transition hopper standard. Allows for garbage to "hit" the spot with less mess around the compactor.
  • Rugged construction for many years of safe, dependable, and productive operation. Better overall operation costs and payback.
  • Reduce Hauling Costs - Compacted waste means fewer pickups by the refuse hauler at your facility and more profits for your organization.
  • Reduced employee pilferage and scavengers with optional chute systems designed specifically for your location.
  • American Manufactured Electrical and Hydraulic Components - Specified for dependability, serviceability, and nationwide availability.
  • Outperforms and outlasts all other stationary compactors in its class.
  • Meets or Exceeds current ANSI Z245.2 Safety Standards and OSHA job safety requirements.
  • Industry's leading Warranty
    • Three Years Ram and Frame Weldment
    • One Year Electrical and Hydraulic Components Parts and Labor

This equipment should be operated by properly trained personnel. Improper use, misuse, or lack of maintenance could cause injury to people and/or property. Photos used in this brochure are illustrative only. Due to its commitment to quality, SP Industries' specifications are subject to change without notice to accommodate improvements to its equipment. Information contained within this literature is intended to be the most accurate available at the time of printing.


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