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Offensive trash odor in a refuse storage or pickup area is a reflection on your business or facility! In addition to the untidy image projected to the community, the odor creates an unpleasant work environment and can cause complaints from neighboring businesses and residents. Such complaints may result in violations and fines from the local health department. Furthermore, the odor can attract rats, mice, bees, flies, wasps, stray cats and dogs.

You can take steps to control your trash odor problem. You may be able to minimize odors through more frequent pickups in warm weather; or, if you are presently using open containers, closed containers should be considered. Also, you should make sure the storage area is adequately ventilated. If you have changed operational procedures and the odor persists, it's time to consider Marathon's Ozone Odor Control System.

This ozone generating unit electronically eliminates all odors from the compactor and disposal areas for a more pleasant environment. The Ozone Odor Control System significantly reduces customer/consumer objections, retards bacteria growth, eliminates compacted-garbage odor, prevents fermentation, and destroys pest attracting odors. This optional unit can be directly installed on Marathon Vert-I-Pack compactors. Other Marathon waste compactors require a remote unit with a separate 100 volt power source.
Unit of Measure


Hose Fitting Type


Emission Point Concentration Range

N/A 1.8 to 0.53 ppm

Features and Benefits

  • Generates ozone, a powerful oxidizer which breaks down odor molecules and converts them into water vapor and other odorless, harmless gases.
  • Eliminates odors that attract rats, mice, bees, stray cats and dogs.
  • Available in sizes to meet your needs.

Industry Standards/Certifications

Industry Standards/Certifications

General Description

N/A Unlike deodorant systems which only mask odors, the Ozone unit actually destroys odors and the bacteria responsible for creating these odors. Ozone or O3, is oxygen (O2) to which energy has been added. Inside the Ozone unit, ozone is produced artificially by using a transformer to increase the voltage. Glass-encased electrodes become electrically charged causing sparks to jump between them. It is this electrical charge passing through the oxygen that causes the third oxygen molecule to attach and, thus, creates ozone. In nature, this process occurs during thunderstorms and is responsible for the refreshing smell in the air. It indicates that odors and germs in the area have been destroyed or oxidized.

The Ozone Odor Control System pumps ozone into the odor source of the waste compactor. For example, if your compactor is a Marathon RJ-250 self-contained compactor/ container, ozone would be pumped from the remote Ozone Odor Control System through a hose with a "Y" fitting that leads to both the container and the compaction chamber. Best results are obtained when the ozone is pumped into enclosed areas. With the ozone pumped into these areas, the odor-producing bacteria's metabolism is increased to the extent that it is unable to survive. With the bacteria unable to carry on the decaying process responsible for the unpleasant gases, odor is eliminated. The odor molecules are converted to water vapor and other odorless, harmless gases.

For those concerned about the effect on health and the environment, the Ozone Odor Control System generates a low stream of ionized air which is rapidly diluted with ambient air. The federal ozone ambient standard is 120 parts per million. Tests have demonstrated that the ozone concentration at the emission point measures 1.8 ppm but dissipates to 0.53 ppm at the end of the compactor, six feet away. The rate and level of concentration pose no health risk, although the ozone generator is not recommended for those areas that are continuously occupied and not adequately ventilated. As for pesky vermin, although the ozone won't kill them, it is strong enough to deter them from your disposal area.

The optional Marathon Ozone Odor Control System is available in sizes appropriate for your particular waste compactor. If you are experiencing odor problems around your waste compactor or, if you want to prevent this possibility, contact your Marathon Regional Sales Manager at the Marathon location nearest you for a free consultation.


N/A Products must be used with safe practice and in accordance with said regulations and standards.